Cyclone Racing Limited

  • Active
  • Incorporated on 9 Sep 2019

Reg Address: 124a Chediston Street, Halesworth IP19 8BJ, England

Company Classifications:
93199 - Other sports activities

  • Summary The company with name "Cyclone Racing Limited" is a ltd and located in 124a Chediston Street, Halesworth IP19 8BJ. Cyclone Racing Limited is currently in active status and it was incorporated on 9 Sep 2019 (2 years 11 months 2 days ago). Details about company profile is given in below sections.

Company Financials

Overview of company financial profile and comparison for the last 2 years.

Following is the chart showing overview of the company assets and liabilities in last few years. Also there are details about company finances for current year and comparison with the last year.

Directors and Secretaries

List of all Directors and Secretaries in Cyclone Racing Limited.

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# Name Role Appt Date Nationality Status
1 Jeremy Huw Jenkins Director 9 Sep 2019 British Active

Persons with Significant Control

List of all persons/companies with sigificant control.

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# Name Notified Nationality Status
1 Mr Jeremy Huw Jenkins
Natures of Control:
Individual Person With Significant Control
Ownership Of Shares 75 To 100 Percent
Voting Rights 75 To 100 Percent
Right To Appoint And Remove Directors
9 Sep 2019 British Active

Latest Filing Activity

List of company filings like confirmation statements, accounts for Cyclone Racing Limited.

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# Filing Type Filing Date
1 Accounts - Dormant 4 Jun 2021 Download PDF
2 Pages
2 Confirmation Statement - No Updates 12 Oct 2020 Download PDF
3 Pages
3 Address - Change Registered Office Company With Date Old New 6 Aug 2020 Download PDF
1 Pages
4 Confirmation Statement - Updates 30 Sep 2019 Download PDF
4 Pages
5 Incorporation - Company 9 Sep 2019 Download PDF
10 Pages

Mutual Companies

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