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SIC Code SIC Name
2753 Casting of light metals
24530 Casting of light metals
2754 Casting of other non-ferrous metals
24540 Casting of other non-ferrous metals
24520 Casting of steel
2752 Casting of steel
5552 Catering
6511 Central banking
64110 Central banking
88910 Child day-care activities
2731 Cold drawing
24310 Cold drawing of bars
24340 Cold drawing of wire
2733 Cold forming or folding
24330 Cold forming or folding
24320 Cold rolling of narrow strip
2732 Cold rolling of narrow strips
9002 Collection and treatment of other waste
38120 Collection of hazardous waste
38110 Collection of non-hazardous waste
4100 Collection, purify etc. of water
81100 Combined facilities support activities
82110 Combined office administrative service activities
7530 Compulsory social security
84300 Compulsory social security activities
62030 Computer facilities management activities
42130 Construction of bridges and tunnels
41201 Construction of commercial buildings
41202 Construction of domestic buildings
42990 Construction of other civil engineering projects n.e.c.
42120 Construction of railways and underground railways
42110 Construction of roads and motorways
42220 Construction of utility projects for electricity and telecommunications
42210 Construction of utility projects for fluids
4524 Construction of water projects
42910 Construction of water projects
4523 Construction roads, airfields etc.
24440 Copper production
2744 Copper production
1721 Cotton-type weaving
6412 Courier other than national post
64921 Credit granting by non-deposit taking finance houses and other specialist consumer credit grantors
130 Crops combined with animals, mixed farms
85520 Cultural education
23700 Cutting, shaping and finishing of stone
2670 Cutting, shaping & finish stone
7240 Data base activities
7230 Data processing
63110 Data processing, hosting and related activities
5101 Deep coal mines
7522 Defence activities
84220 Defence activities
43110 Demolition
4511 Demolition buildings; earth moving
8513 Dental practice activities
86230 Dental practice activities
41100 Development of building projects
7011 Development & sell real estate
81291 Disinfecting and exterminating services
38310 Dismantling of wrecks
47730 Dispensing chemist in specialised stores
5231 Dispensing chemists
11010 Distilling, rectifying and blending of spirits
35130 Distribution of electricity
35220 Distribution of gaseous fuels through mains
4013 Distribution & trade in electricity
4022 Distribution & trade of gaseous fuels through mains
9999 Dormant company
99999 Dormant Company
85530 Driving school activities
8041 Driving school activities
85600 Educational support services
43210 Electrical installation
71121 Engineering design activities for industrial process and production
71122 Engineering related scientific and technical consulting activities
74901 Environmental consulting activities
4522 Erection of roof covering & frames
56210 Event catering activities
1030 Extraction and agglomeration of peat
6100 Extraction of crude petroleum
6200 Extraction of natural gas
8920 Extraction of peat
8930 Extraction of salt
64992 Factoring
9233 Fair and amusement park activities
1621 Farm animal boarding and care
121 Farming of cattle, dairy farming
124 Farming of poultry
123 Farming of swine
122 Farm sheep, goats, horses, etc.
74203 Film processing
64999 Financial intermediation not elsewhere classified
6521 Financial leasing
64910 Financial leasing
70221 Financial management
1730 Finishing of textiles
13300 Finishing of textiles
7525 Fire service activities
84250 Fire service activities
85421 First-degree level higher education